Alright, i must agree that i do not have the strongest perseverance ard when it comes to blogging. But i have been itching to find my a place to jot down my thoughts.

I can’t seem to bring myself to continue writing at Dayre anymore cox of how negative the vibe is now. Expose after expose, people defending and scolding each other. I hafta admit it is good for KPO ppl like me to read but definitely it made me want to escape from being part of the toxic environment even if i dun comment on the hooha.


I am really quite stucked at 53-54kg.

I think i am pretty well versed in all kind of dieting methods or exercise plans which will work.

But i think i am really not strong enough mentally as compared to my uni days.

But well that was different, cox i spend $5k at a slimming centre and i need to make my money worthwhile, so i was very disciplined in my meal plans and NO snacking except apples. How did i do that.

I really dunno if those machines worked, but i lost weight without exercising. And the weight loss was quite proportional with minimal loose skin.

Will i return to a slimming centre?

Never say never. But highly unlikely cox i cant bear to lose the money now after working (My grandma actually sponsored my cost to slimming centre back then. U can see even she thinks that i need help)

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1 week married

So i have been officially married for a week.

Really a different experience because i moved out of my hse and moved into my hb hse.

My hb is obviously v worried for me because i am v attached to my family and his mom is not the best person to live with (LOL)

We stayed at W hotel for the first night and we came home, my hb had to go out and settle some work stuff. Home alone, with his family, obviously made me quite sad.

But my hb wad quite sweet. He updated and assured me throughout the night that he would coming hm soon. Lol.

I was obviously fine with that until he came hm and triggered me with “泼出去的水”. Meaning that i am like water spilled out by my family. Whao obviously he was joking but i wasn’t taking it well at all. To me it is not funny at all.

I was quite agitated. He was quite scared. And we ended communicating via whatapp for 30mins after that. LOL

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The day before the wedding

Omg. So i am getting married tml. Technically i am alrdy legally a married woman 3 years ago. But honestly tomorrow my life gonna change forever. I think.

In my feeble attempt to make myself look better, i am masking now. Haha.

My view now. Lighting not v good eh. #wedding

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Ok dayre is closing down. Hmmm.

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My #taobao qipao is here! And i am impressed once again. $42 for i think pretty excellent quality even my ah ma approves. #dayrebrides

I am lying on my bed using my trusty face massager. (It is super effective to slim face without losing weight)

Life is good when u dunnid to work. Was on leave to pack my guo da li stuff. Luckily i only took 1.5hrs to do so.

All the red red stuff. -.-"

Managed to go dye my hair! Woot woot!!!! Was procrastinating for the longest time.

Went NTUC with my grandma too. Had lunch tgt too. Simple things like this i will miss.

This i should be taking leaves to come home to accompany her often.

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Whao whao work has been CRAZYYYYYYY. I dun even have time to prep for 过大礼.

过大礼 is super mahuan if u are following to the traditional.

Okay most of the stuff my mil prep liao. And we replacing a lot with angbao.

Wedding 8m another 2 more weeks. Shit is getting real.


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TaoBao Review :)

This morning suddenly got feel to do a review of my last #Taobao buy coz seriously shopping is my only ME TIME now amidst work and wedding prep. Woot woot.

This dress is around $29. Quality is good. Actually i was really looking forward to it cox i dun have any midi dress at all. And the prints are so pretty!

From the sizing chart, i bought M size.. i can wear la but my chest area abit tight and is high collar. But ok, the front button didnt burst or what.

I showed my ahma and she approved for cny cox of the very nice flower prints.

This is around $22, it is really 显瘦. I love the cutting and the fact that it is stretchy. I bought size L.

Can foresee myself wearing it to weddings soon 🙂

This is around $8. It is a bit loose on the chest area. But still can wear. Material is good for $8. I bought xl size

However aint not going to look anywhere near the model. Haha.

This lbd is just $10. Thick material and fits me. Size L.

Nth much cox it is a little black dress. I always ask myself why do i keep buying black dresses. LOL.

I bought this for my mom and this is a damn good buy at $25. The material is good and the flowers are intricate and pretty! Fits my mom like a T in 3XL. Cater to plus sized and makes the mum looks v elegant.

This is $19. I think i bought L size too. It fits me well. Just that the material is gets crumpled quite easily… need to iron one. And i realise i really dun look that good in high round neck stuff. Look a tad bak zhangish. U can see i always buy v neck. Hahahaha.

But overall still a pretty good buy!

This skorts is around $8. I bought L size and it fits not bad. High waist. Material is good too!

This top is also ard $8. Not bad ah, fits me well and quite a unique design. But maybe pit area abit uncomfy for me cox maybe i am just not used to it. Hahahaah.

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#Taobao Selling Post

Selling this dress from my latest loot. It is pretty but too small for me at the waist and butt. ROFL. Time to lose weight. Think this will fit uk8 best. I bought size M btw.

But at this price.. plus shipping.. i cant do math.

But i am selling at $20 (mailed)

Size guide please refer to below.

Size M. Think will suit petite girls. Too bad I cant wear it for CNY.

Lol tried all my taobao loot over the weekend!! I must say i am pleasantly surprised that the hit rate is more than 80% (ie sizing and quality all ok)
I am bow sure i am pretty safe size L on tb. Cases like the above where i purchased M, i fit too snugly it is uncomfy. Got another also liddat, i am considering to sell it.

Esp the dress i bought for my mom for my wedding ($26 excluding shipping is legit a steal)

I still have 2 more packages otw. But

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Is ezbuy more worth it? And Prime membership?

Will stuff be more ex on ezbuy? #taobao

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@eletwl i use this one! Set by my friend. Hahahahaha. I didnt even question her. #taobao

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